• I went to EVO JAPAN 2024.

    EVO JAPAN had about 10,000 participants. The venue was very exciting.

    This EVO JAPAN had 7 main events such as Street Fighter 6, Tekken 8, UNI2, etc. and sub events organized by users.

    I think the sub-events are as important as the main events.
    In Japan, video games are now recognized as a professional sport as “e-sports. It is great to be able to become a professional and earn money by playing games.

    On the other hand, some people will react by asking whether there is any meaning in having a tournament for a minor, unprofitable game.

    The essence of the game is to have fun. Making money is a secondary element.

    I used to hold Street Fighter 2 and Puyo Puyo tournaments in small game centers. Regardless of age, from elementary school students to adults, there were enough customers to fill the arcade, and everyone had a great time.
    The UNI and Melty Blood communities remind me of that.
    It is because there are so many small local tournaments that big ones are possible.
    EVO JAPAN was a lot of fun. And I cherish the small competitions as well.
    Thank you to all the EVO JAPAN participants and staff.

  • UNI2 OST in production.

    We are currently working on the UNI2 OST.

    New character BGMs have been added, and all previous character BGMs have been remixed. Furthermore, this time, all songs are 96Khz 24bit high resolution, so you can listen to them in higher quality on distribution services that support high resolution.

    One thing to note, the opening and ending themes are not included in this OST. Please enjoy these in the game.

    Delivery date is scheduled for early April.

    We will try our best to make this music reach more people. And I hope that the number of UNI players will increase.

  • UNI2 has been released.

    UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH II Sys:Celes was released on January 25.

    Thanks a lot to everyone who bought UNI2!

    When the previous cl-r was released, the world was stagnant due to the spread of the new coronavirus; I was disappointed with the start because I thought cl-r would also develop globally.

    But not this time.

    The world is coming alive again. Competitive tournaments are also on the rise. I am very happy about it.

    The reason I make game music now is to connect people with music.
    Today’s video games are not only played by one person. They can be played together by friends in the neighborhood or people in faraway countries.

    I would be happy if my music could be used as an opportunity for people to get to know UNI and MELTY through non-game videos, etc., in order to boost video games.

  • About the start of the open beta test and the music of UNI2.

    The open beta test of UNI2 has started on the 17th and will last until 23:00 PST on the 19th.

    The character BGM of UNI2 has been remixed. I did not change the image of the original song much, but added new developments. We used to make each song approximately 90 to 120 seconds in length, but after looking at the trend of game time, we decided that we could keep the image of the song even if it was a little longer.

    We hope you enjoy the new UNI music.

    Since this is an open beta version, we are sure there will be many bugs. Please let us know through surveys and other means. French bread will make UNI2 even better.

    UNI2 is a fighting game that is difficult to improve. That’s what makes it fun.

    However, the fact that it is difficult to improve means that it is hard for beginners to win. I would like to ask all advanced players to teach beginners how to play UNI2.

    I think the beauty of fighting games is the community.

    I used to enjoy playing fighting games every day with my friends in the arcade community. I know how fun it was, and that is why I am still involved in the production of fighting games.

    I hope that through UNI2, people around the world will be able to communicate with each other deeply and happily across borders.

    UNI2 has just begun. I would like to continue to create UNI2 together with fans.

  • I participated in a Street fighter 6 tournament.

    I participated in a local SF6 tournament. The character used was Zangief.

    There were about 60 participants. I lost to Ken in the 3rd round and finished in the top 8. I enjoyed it very much.

    I like to value small gaming events, and I heard that EVO was also a small tournament at first.
    I hope to see more and more of these small gaming competitions around the world.

    UNI and MB will also do their best to make the event enjoyable.