UNI2 has been released.

UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH II Sys:Celes was released on January 25.

Thanks a lot to everyone who bought UNI2!

When the previous cl-r was released, the world was stagnant due to the spread of the new coronavirus; I was disappointed with the start because I thought cl-r would also develop globally.

But not this time.

The world is coming alive again. Competitive tournaments are also on the rise. I am very happy about it.

The reason I make game music now is to connect people with music.
Today’s video games are not only played by one person. They can be played together by friends in the neighborhood or people in faraway countries.

I would be happy if my music could be used as an opportunity for people to get to know UNI and MELTY through non-game videos, etc., in order to boost video games.