I participated in a Street fighter 6 tournament.

I participated in a local SF6 tournament. The character used was Zangief. There were about 60 participants. I lost to Ken in the 3rd round and finished in the top 8. I enjoyed it very much. I like to value small gaming events, and I heard that EVO was also a small tournament at first.I hope to see more and more of these small gaming competitions around the world. UNI and MB will also do their best to make the event enjoyable.

I am studying English.

The first Melty Blood was released in 2003.At that time, it was a “doujin” game, a game known only to enthusiasts.Later, Melty Blood became available in game arcades.A PlayStation 2 version was also released. Melty Blood, a game originally known only to enthusiasts, is now gaining more and more recognition. Then, Melty Blood fans began to appear overseas as well. Until then, I thought that if I could make an interesting game, that would be enough. But if there were Melty Blood fans overseas, I thought that Melty Blood would be more interesting in a world where people from many countries could communicate with each other through Melty Blood. UNDER… Continue reading I am studying English.

My friends picture

Lately, I have been enjoying taking pictures of myself with pictures and dolls from games and cartoons in the city. In the past, Japan did not have so many anime and game pictures and dolls in the streets. However, the generation that enjoyed games and anime as children have grown up, and now there are many pictures of games and anime decorating the streets. Now tourists from overseas also enjoy Japanese game/anime pictures and dolls. That makes me very happy. Someday, I hope to have dolls of UNI2 characters somewhere as well.

I went to TOKYO GAME SHOW 2023.

I went to Tokyo Game Show 2023 held from September 21 to 24. I went on the 21st and 22nd, the business days. After the self-restraint of the new Corona had settled down and the world returned to normal business, the Tokyo Game Show was crowded with visitors anyway.The follow-up to “Under Night Inverse 2: Sista Ceres,” which was announced at EVO in August, was presented at the Arc System Works booth. UNI2 Battle Planner Kamone and Mami Ozaki, voice actress for the new character Kaguya. At this event, it was announced that the Limited Edition will come with a soundtrack CD. I carefully selected the songs from the new… Continue reading I went to TOKYO GAME SHOW 2023.

I got street fighter 2 eye drops.

I got eye drops.I am not good with eye drops. I still can’t get them in my eyes properly by myself. I don’t mean to be blind, but they don’t go in my eyes anyway. I get hit around the eyes.So I always hit it a lot and manage to hit it. It’s a very lazy way of doing it. These eye drops are from Street Fighter 2. It seems to make me better at the game. There is also a SF2 picture on the box.

recorded guitar and ukulele.

I recently recorded guitar and ukulele.The client came from Tokyo and we recorded in Okinawa for the first time in a while. Due to the effects of the new coronavirus, I have had fewer opportunities to be present at recordings. However, now Japan is back to normal.I am glad that I will have more opportunities to be present at recordings from now on. I will announce more details when this song is released.

New Challenges

Over the past 10 years or so, I am happy to say that my music is now reaching people outside of Japan.It is thanks to STEAM and YOUTUBE. I would like to make music for games in countries other than Japan. So far, I have made BGM for Skullgirls in the US and sound effects for Indivisible, but it would be interesting to make music for genres other than action games.

Airpods max is utilized.

These days, I use Airpod max to check my music on my mobile. The noise cancellation feature is very good and allows me to concentrate on my work. With macbook and airpod max, I will be able to do serious music production on mobile. To do this, I need to get used to using a DAW with the screen size of a laptop PC. This is difficult, but once you get over it, you will be able to make music anywhere.

I quit teaching at a vocational school.

I taught game sound at a vocational school for five years.However, I couldn’t feel the passion of the students and decided to quit teaching. Vocational schools in Japan are not places to learn expertise, but places where young people who don’t want to go out into the world go reluctantly. Nevertheless, I thought I could be useful by conveying the fun of game creation. However, I did not find it rewarding. If you really like games and want to make them, you don’t need to go to school to start making them yourself. It doesn’t mean that if you go to school you will be able to make games. I… Continue reading I quit teaching at a vocational school.

I bought KOF15.

I bought KOF15 from SNK.SNK went bankrupt at one time, but I’m glad they are back now and have released new Samurai Spirits and KOF games. I especially like the music, with its unique SNK guitar sound. Also, in Samurai Spirits, they used the environmental sounds well in the game, which was awesome. However, I am not a fan of SNK’s games. I will take my time to practice and enjoy the music. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1498570/THE_KING_OF_FIGHTERS_XV/