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Airpods max is utilized.

These days, I use Airpod max to check my music on my mobile. The noise cancellation feature is very good and allows me to concentrate on my work.

With macbook and airpod max, I will be able to do serious music production on mobile.

To do this, I need to get used to using a DAW with the screen size of a laptop PC. This is difficult, but once you get over it, you will be able to make music anywhere.

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I quit teaching at a vocational school.

I taught game sound at a vocational school for five years.
However, I couldn’t feel the passion of the students and decided to quit teaching.

Vocational schools in Japan are not places to learn expertise, but places where young people who don’t want to go out into the world go reluctantly. Nevertheless, I thought I could be useful by conveying the fun of game creation.

However, I did not find it rewarding.

If you really like games and want to make them, you don’t need to go to school to start making them yourself. It doesn’t mean that if you go to school you will be able to make games.

I don’t want to spend any more of my time on school. I want to use my time for you, the people who enjoy games.

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I bought KOF15.

I bought KOF15 from SNK.
SNK went bankrupt at one time, but I’m glad they are back now and have released new Samurai Spirits and KOF games.

I especially like the music, with its unique SNK guitar sound. Also, in Samurai Spirits, they used the environmental sounds well in the game, which was awesome.

However, I am not a fan of SNK’s games. I will take my time to practice and enjoy the music.

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I read a video game news site.

Recently, I have been reading news articles about video games while studying English with an English learning application on my smartphone.

Video game terminology is not found in language learning apps or textbooks, so I want to learn those words as well.

In Japan, there are many technical terms for fighting games. How do you express that in English? I’m also interested in game terminology that is unique to other countries and not found in Japan.

Now that I have an excellent translation tool called DEEPL, I would like to use it and enjoy learning English.

Blog daily life

The page is under construction.

I’m working on this site now.
I will be writing about my music work, equipment, etc.