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  • Airpods max is utilized.

    Airpods max is utilized.

    These days, I use Airpod max to check my music on my mobile. The noise cancellation feature is very good and allows me to concentrate on my work. With macbook and airpod max, I will be able to do serious music production on mobile. To do this, I need to get used to using a…

  • I highly recommend CUBASE 12.

    I highly recommend CUBASE 12.

    I have been using CUBASE for music production for about 20 years now. A dongle is like a key to start an application; to start CUBASE, you had to insert a dongle, which is like a USB memory stick, into your PC.Nowadays, most PCs are notebooks. Compact and thin PCs have few USB ports. But…

  • Noise-canceling earphones and headphones

    Noise-canceling earphones and headphones

    On a daily basis, I use noise-canceling earphones and headphones with my laptop and iPhone.The earphones are Sony’s WF-1000XM4 and the headphones are AirPods Max.I use the AirPods Max for spirited music work and the WF-1000XM4 when I’m out walking. One of the best things about using noise cancellation is that when I use earphones…

  • Black Friday

    Black Friday

    It’s Black Friday season.Japan does not have the custom of Black Friday. However, on Black Friday, you can buy music applications online at a discount.Now I’m trying to figure out which ones to buy. I plan to buy a lot this time. To make a new song.