About the start of the open beta test and the music of UNI2.

The open beta test of UNI2 has started on the 17th and will last until 23:00 PST on the 19th.

The character BGM of UNI2 has been remixed. I did not change the image of the original song much, but added new developments. We used to make each song approximately 90 to 120 seconds in length, but after looking at the trend of game time, we decided that we could keep the image of the song even if it was a little longer.

We hope you enjoy the new UNI music.

Since this is an open beta version, we are sure there will be many bugs. Please let us know through surveys and other means. French bread will make UNI2 even better.

UNI2 is a fighting game that is difficult to improve. That’s what makes it fun.

However, the fact that it is difficult to improve means that it is hard for beginners to win. I would like to ask all advanced players to teach beginners how to play UNI2.

I think the beauty of fighting games is the community.

I used to enjoy playing fighting games every day with my friends in the arcade community. I know how fun it was, and that is why I am still involved in the production of fighting games.

I hope that through UNI2, people around the world will be able to communicate with each other deeply and happily across borders.

UNI2 has just begun. I would like to continue to create UNI2 together with fans.